Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare reform and healthcare costs and reimbursement continue to be a significant focus of our Federal and local State governments.  This focus has created a set of complex and constantly evolving regulatory requirements with which healthcare providers must comply. 

Baker Newman Noyes’ (BNN) experienced healthcare team works with an extensive range of clients across the entire continuum of care and issues including regulatory compliance, reimbursement, revenue management and financial forecasting. Our healthcare focus and flexibility allows us to adapt to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on staying current on Federal and State laws and regulations to assist our clients in making proactive, objective and timely decisions. We are committed to the healthcare industry, offering innovative solutions to the challenges you face.

The following are key areas of focus for the BNN healthcare team:

For more information, please contact the BNN Healthcare Consulting team at 800.244.7444.

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Lead Contact

C. Dayton Benway

Managing Principal

Dayton serves as the managing principal of Baker Newman Noyes and has more than 20 years of experience in providing reimbursement services to hospitals, rural health clinics, physicians groups, home offices, nursing homes, and home health agencies.

Team Members

Pamela Cook Evan Dressel Maggie Fortin Robert Gilbert Gina Hobert Janet Hodgdon Denis Houle Greg Knight Paul Letalien Marc Levy Roland Mercier Stephanie Richio Dianne Rodrigue D. Eric Wetherell Shane Williams