Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement

Reimbursement strategies for financial stability

Healthcare reimbursement is critical to success, and our advisors have years of experience and knowledge to help you achieve the best financial outcomes.

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Reimbursement Lead

Denis Houle


Denis specializes in cost reports, third-party reimbursement reviews, special projects and regulatory appeals for Medicare and Medicaid.

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Healthcare reimbursement strategy that meets you where you are

Medicare and Medicaid third party reimbursement can be among the most complex and critical issues healthcare providers face, and one that directly impacts a patient’s experience with your care. It’s key to have a well established and transparent process for healthcare reimbursement to ensure all of your stakeholders are satisfied.

Our experienced team of reimbursement advisors includes reimbursement and billing managers, former CMS and Anthem staff, a registered nurse, and MBAs. The depth of our understanding combined with our curious, collaborative, and customized approach leads to improved financial outcomes for your healthcare organization.



We can help with

  • Cost report preparation
  • Reimbursement modeling and assessments
  • Medicare/Medicaid cost report appeals
  • Bad debt: Medicare and crossover analysis
  • Schedule S-10, IRS Form 990H
  • Provider-based assessments and conversions
  • Third-party contract evaluations
  • Medicare payment exceptions
  • Disproportionate Share (DSH) Assessments
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