Healthcare Operations Wellness Review

A health checkup designed for healthcare organizations

Periodically assessing health isn’t just for individual patients. Healthcare organizations can benefit from a fresh perspective on their operational wellness. Our specialized healthcare advisors can help.

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Adam Rembisz


Adam is a manager in BNN’s Business and Technology Advisory Practice. He offers more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry. At BNN, clients turn to him for help with governance structure, system selection and optimization, vendor management, and process redesign.

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A prescription that’s tailored for your team and goals

Operational wellness is key for both day-to-day success and achieving long term organizational goals. Healthcare organizations are complex systems and one misalignment can result in unforeseen costs, inefficiencies, or dissatisfaction. Correcting or redirecting those misalignments starts with a check up.

Our team of experienced healthcare advisors assess your current state to deliver evaluation and recommendations that are actionable, focused on results, and tailored for your mission and business needs.

Our healthcare operations wellness review identifies and documents risks across any or all of the following:

  • Regulatory/accreditation
  • Compliance
  • Patient experience
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Clinical documentation
  • Clinical workflows
  • Revenue cycle

Don’t let areas of risk or weakness go untreated.

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