System Selection, Project Management and Process Redesign for a Specialized Pharmaceutical Company

System Selection, Project Management and Process Redesign for a Specialized Pharmaceutical Company


Although recently launched, this new Company is experiencing steady growth. The systems and processes in place are neither effective nor efficient to keep up with the growth trajectory.


Manage a formal system selection, assist in the negotiation of the contracting terms with the vendor, provide project management services over the implementation once the system is selected, and assist with process re-design within procurement and supply chain management.


At the onset of our relationship with the Client, our task was to assist with a system selection for a financial package that would alleviate current pain points, as well as remain a scalable option for the planned future growth. We led a highly successful system selection including:

  • Discovery session to identify needs based on each department
  • Creation of detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) on the Client’s behalf
  • Vendor management, addressing all Q&As, and receipt of RFP responses
  • Facilitation of stakeholder meetings to determine viable systems for short-list consideration
  • Development of demonstration scripts (ensure vendors showed what was critical to the Client)
  • Management of vendor demonstrations
  • Final selection and contract negotiations

Once the System was purchased (at a discounted rate, given our contract negotiation involvement), we assisted the organization in managing the actual implementation. We were able to maneuver critical competing priorities occurring within the organization by utilizing our key resources and stakeholders. We accomplished our goals of implementation and data conversion by being able to adopt a phased approach to the project so all key resources were hands-on when needed, yet had the time to complete other work that was also critical.

The implementation timeline was successful, but more importantly, the results were a system that was able to report on metrics that were both operational and financial to help with key forecasts and supply decisions the Client had to make as they progressed in this competitive industry.

As soon as the system implementation was completed, we were engaged to complete a process re-design of the procurement and supply chain management processes. Our team, leading discovery sessions with stakeholders from various departments, brought to the forefront an understanding of how the processes were working from cradle to grave, and decisions about third-party outsourcing and key internal areas of focus were determined. The result: a road map of smaller projects and initiatives that would carry the Client through to its next growth milestone.

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