Medicare/Medicaid & Third Party Reimbursement

Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement can be among the most complex and critical issues healthcare providers face.  Our diverse and extensive expertise includes reimbursement acumen across the continuum of care.

Baker Newman Noyes’ (BNN) experienced team of experts includes former CFOs, reimbursement and billing managers, former CMS and Anthem staff, as well as CPAs and MBAs.  The depth of our understanding often allows improved financial outcomes. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Year-end or interim cost report preparation
  • Reimbursement modeling and assessments
  • Medicare/Medicaid cost report appeals
  • Medicare/Medicaid audit assistance
  • Provider-based assessments and conversions
  • Third-party contract evaluations
  • Sole community / Medicare dependent providers
  • Rural health clinic productivity
  • TEFRA exceptions
  • Bad debt: Medicare and crossover analyses
  • Medicare payment exceptions
  • Schedule S-10, IRS Form 990H and Community Health Needs Assessment coordination

For more information, please contact the BNN Healthcare Consulting team at 800.244.7444.


Lead Contact

Paul Letalien


Paul began at Baker Newman Noyes in 1995 as one of the founding members. Prior to entering public accounting, he served as CFO at a multi-level healthcare provider.

Team Members

C. Dayton Benway Pamela Cook Maggie Fortin Robert Gilbert Gina Hobert Janet Hodgdon Denis Houle Greg Knight Marc Levy Roland Mercier Stephanie Richio Dianne Rodrigue D. Eric Wetherell Shane Williams