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Making sense of healthcare dollars

Healthcare costs can be confusing for patients. Our team works with you to simplify your pricing structures and provide clarity to your patients.

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Maribeth Labbe


Maribeth Labbe is an analyst in the healthcare advisory practice at BNN, specializing medical billing and coding education, revenue cycle optimization, provider reimbursement, provider education, chart auditing, billing compliance, provider-based practices, and billing and chargemaster reviews.

Maribeth Labbe

Ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process for everyone involved

Healthcare is one of the only industries where the consumer often received a service without knowing the cost ahead of time. This lack of clarity can cause stress and frustration, often at already difficult times. The healthcare industry has been under heavy pressure to improve the transparency and clarity of pricing for patients.

Our team can help transform your price transparency strategy, putting you at the forefront of providing clear and accurate pricing to your patients. Informing patients of anticipated costs up front can reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant surprise billing event, increase payments received, and, most importantly, build greater trust with your patients to maintain long and healthy relationships.

We are certified coders, billing, revenue cycle, and revenue integrity managers, PAs, and former CMS directors, and we are here to help.

How we can help

  • Contract to payment variance analysis
  • Price sensitivity analysis
  • Competitive pricing and contractual analysis
  • Price transparency regulatory compliance
  • Cost-based charge modeling
  • Price estimate strategy

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