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Business Intelligence and data driven decision making are core to process improvement. We provide tailored solutions that strategically leverage your data to drive outcomes for your business. 

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BNN's BI Strategy Specialist

Darren Fishell


Darren is the Business Intelligence Manager in BNN’s operations department. In this role, he provides enhanced visibility into our data to identify opportunities for improvements to better serve our clients.

A strategic approach to managing and using your data will help your business thrive. Our insights can help you start thinking differently about the insights you have access to and how they can support your organization.

Effective data visualization and reporting that works for you 

Data visualization, fueled by historical data and advanced techniques, provides accurate insights for business intelligence and strategic decision-making. You can discover trends, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities through optimizing your data and reporting, propelling your business toward growth and relevance.

BNN’s team of Business Intelligence specialists and analysts can help your team navigate through the data maturation journey that aligns with your goals. Our professionals can help you build a flexible data foundation in platforms like Tableau or PowerBI, so you can build and explore your data from a single source of truth.

How we can help you

  • Data driven decision management guidance 
  • Developing semantic layer of data
  • Consulting on data-driven decision management & strategy
  • Establishing key financial and performance visibility 
  • Designing customized and responsive reports and dashboards that prioritize accurate user access and future-focused growth
  • Developing a customized business intelligence roadmap 
  • Data ubiquity guidance for future flexibility and scale 
  • Practice management data visualization for CPA firms, including CCH and Star



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