BNN’s efforts to automate tax workflows featured in Thomson Reuters

Travis Hersom was recently quoted in Thomson Reuters on our work to automate the firm’s tax workflows. Using an application programming interface (API) inproves data visibility, and has allowed our teams to identify areas for process improvement, enhancing our ability to serve our clients.

“The fact that we can pull this data out of GoFileRoom and FirmFlow and put it into a visualization really gives us the ability to understand the distribution of work in a way that you can’t get from Excel or doing extracts, or even some of the dashboards that are available today,” Hersom says. “We had just moved to a new practice management platform that has more of this open architecture and leverages APIs. And now with GoFileRoom, we can have these two systems talking together and reducing a lot of waste within our processes. The API made it very easy for us to start to stitch these systems together. We no longer need to do duplicate entry in multiple, different systems. We can pass information from system to system, which allows us to get a single source of truth. Those are just a couple quick wins that we’ve been able to get out of this engagement.”

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