The PPACA Health Insurance Exchange and Marketplace

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continues to unleash new federal programs, demonstrations and pilots for health care providers across the Country.  But what about the rest of us that just want to buy insurance?  Where and when will all of the “Marketplaces” or “HIEs” (Health Insurance Exchanges) be popping up that we heard so much about?

Well, the answer to that question is: Very soon!

While we at Baker Newman Noyes can speak to you about health care reform and other related matters that may be impacting your company, you may also want to know that the federal government has established a website dedicated to answering questions and providing useful facts about HIE and Marketplace.  This website will get you the basics which upon analysis can provide you with the fundamental framework of how the Exchanges and Marketplace will operate that can lead to deeper discussions about your personal or business related concerns.

The good news is that the Marketplace will be opening January 1, 2014.  Information can be obtained, such as how to select the best health insurance plan for you, starting in October 2014.

Other information can be obtained at the official website such as How to find Insurance Now, How to prepare for the Health Insurance Marketplace, Health Insurance Basics, The Health Care Law in addition to information on Prevention, Wellness and Comparing Providers.

Look for future BNN Newsletter articles on the Health Insurance Exchange and Marketplace as more information is released.

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