Visiting BNN Offices

In-Person Meetings

A welcome addition to returning to BNN offices is seeing you more.  During the pandemic, in-person meetings were few and far between, based on a careful assessment of business necessity.  We are relaxing those requirements and are looking forward to meeting with you in person, in our offices or yours.  Continuing our theme of benefiting from what COVID-19 taught us, we are equally happy to continue video meetings, or phone calls, if this is not the right time for a face-to-face meeting.  We are committed to work with you to find the best solution, just as we have since the pandemic began.

Health and Safety During In-Person Meetings

Advancements in vaccination efforts have provided experts the confidence to ease many of the masking and social distancing restrictions that have been in place since early 2020.   A recent poll indicated approximately 90% of BNN employees are already, or soon will be, fully vaccinated.  This result has given us confidence to adopt much of the current masking and social distancing guidance.  We recently communicated our guidance internally, and share it with you now to offer insight into how we will approach in-person interactions.  Specifically, our policy for masking and social distancing is as follows:

For employees working in BNN offices:

    • Masks are ALWAYS welcome. If it’s your preference to wear a mask in any situation, please do so, and please respect everyone’s choice to continue wearing a mask.
    • Masks are required in common areas for non-vaccinated employees.
    • Masks are not required at desks (cube or office).
    • Masks are required in meetings for non-vaccinated employees. Participants are always welcome to join meetings virtually.

For employees when meeting with clients:

    • Masks are ALWAYS welcome. If it’s your preference to wear a mask in any situation, please do so, and please respect everyone’s choice to continue wearing a mask.
    • BNN employees who are not vaccinated will wear masks at all times when they meet with clients or are at a client location.
    • BNN employees who are vaccinated will wear masks unless the client invites them not to, and the employee is comfortable doing so.
    • If the client’s rules go beyond the above, BNN employees will follow the client’s on-site rules.

When You Visit Our Offices

We recently installed iLobby visitor registration tablets in our Portland, Manchester, Portsmouth and Woburn offices.  When you arrive, you will see an iLobby tablet available for you to register your visit.  Once you have registered, the system will send a notification to the professional you are meeting, and print a visitor’s name tag for you to wear.  We are not using this technology to replace the smiling face of our fantastic receptionists who will still be there to greet and assist you.  Rather, it maintains a little bit of distance, and will allow us to expedite communication of potential COVID-19 exposure to every individual impacted, should the situation arise.

To improve indoor air quality, we have installed iWave needle-point bi-polar ionization devices in our offices as an added layer to support a healthy work environment.  This technology deactivates the virus particles that are present, and has been installed in thousands of offices and leading healthcare settings throughout the country.