State & Local Tax

Our state and local expertise sets us apart from our competition.  We have significant experience working with clients on a federal, multi-state and local basis.  We specialize in nexus reviews and voluntary disclosure assistance to ensure compliance when appropriate.  We are well versed in the intricacies and minutiae of various state tax returns.  We provide assistance with tax planning and compliance, and mergers and acquisitions.

At Baker Newman Noyes (BNN) we recognize that multi-state taxation is always shifting and is complex.  States and municipalities aggressively seek to cover budget shortfalls.  Nationwide legislative changes, expanded information sharing among states and the IRS, and increasingly sophisticated governmental auditors make ongoing tax compliance challenging.  We offer a line of multi-state services designed to minimize and control your state and local tax liabilities.

Some of our services include:

Tax Nexus Review and Voluntary Disclosure

  • Review returns / assess appropriate filings
  • Determine compliance, quantify exposure to tax, interest and penalties, evaluate options
  • Formulate / pursue voluntary disclosure program, as appropriate, to begin compliance under the most favorable terms

Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Economical, full-service tax support, including preparation and review of returns
  • Suggest improvements gained by alternative filings and/or corrections
  • Recommend changes based on organizational needs
  • Provide recovery reviews to identify refund opportunities

Merger and Acquisition Services

  • Due diligence reviews of target companies
  • Tax minimization on sale transactions / post-transaction tax reduction consulting

Audit Defense

  • Audit advocacy and tax appeal representation
  • Response to information requests, preparation of material requested by state auditors
  • Negotiate with states regarding liability calculation; seek closing agreements

Sales and Use Tax

  • Review and analysis of tax consequences of transactions and operational changes
  • Recommend innovative methods of reviewing compliance and minimizing exposure

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