Cost Segregation

Owning real estate is a significant investment for businesses and investors.  Cost segregation is a strategy that maximizes returns by accelerating depreciation deductions on property and improving cash flow.  The cost segregation team at Baker Newman Noyes (BNN) performs studies that yield significant tax savings for our clients.

Our professionals help categorize real and personal property to maximize overall tax savings.

Benefits of Cost Segregation

  • Accelerate depreciation deductions
  • Increase current cash flow / reduce current income tax obligations
  • Reclaim accelerated depreciation opportunities on existing construction without having to amend tax returns
  • Realize significant savings (example: reclassifying assets costing $1 million from a depreciable life of 39 years to 5 years can be expected to yield net present value savings of more than $200,000)

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Lead Contact

S. Andrew Smith


Andy began his career at Baker Newman Noyes in 1998, after interning with the firm in 1997. He is a principal in BNN’s tax practice and currently leads the practice’s Multi-Generational Business Group.

Team Members

John Hadwen IV Kory Reynolds Henry Rinker Michael Stillings