Change is hard. Don’t go it alone.

Business restructuring doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It touches all areas of an organization and success hinges on understanding where you are and where you want to go.

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Team Lead

Paige Ricci


Paige has over 10 years of experience in management and operations roles, with a primary focus in health care management. She specializes in project management, process improvement and redesign, system selection and implementation, and business and technology consulting.

A strategic mindset is key to enhancing business processes. Our insights can help you start thinking differently about your current and future state.

We are invested in your success

Our Business Process Enhancement (BPE) advisory seeks to help an organization radically restructure itself by focusing on the fundamental design of its business processes. Holistic in nature, BPE stresses the idea that sometimes a radical redesign and reorganization of a business is necessary to lower costs and increase the quality you provide.

Our team can help manage your organization’s BPE process, and assist you in the planning, creation, and instituting of any new business goals or strategies. With a strong focus on communication and collaboration, we provide you with a future state that takes efficiency, risk mitigation, and scalability into consideration.

Our approach

  • Facilitate group sessions across your departments and teams
  • Assess the current state of the organization
  • Make recommendations for an ideal future state that’s rooted in your goals
  • Develop and implement a change roadmap

We can help you put pain points and ideas into action.

We look forward to partnering with you.
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