Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Flexible expertise to enhance your security posture

Recruiting and retaining an in-house Chief Information Security Officer that meets your budget can be challenging. A virtual CISO advisor can offer the knowledge and experience you need, at an affordable and scalable cost.

vCISO Services
Cybersecurity Manager

Pawel Wilczynski


Pawel is a manager in BNN’s information systems and risk assurance practice, specializing in cybersecurity, risk, and IT systems assurance services.

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Wondering if an outsourced CISO is the right fit for your organization?

Bespoke solutions to face complex challenges

Engaging a virtual CISO (“vCISO”) provides a unique flexibility that is not always possible with an in-house CISO, we will work with your team to develop a program that meets your needs and budget. Our services are targeted to help you make meaningful changes to improve your overall security posture.

A vCISO can provide actionable insights so your organization can develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy that addresses all areas of risk. This can include everything from providing relevant advice for developing policies and procedures to supporting the implementation of security training programs for employees. By working with a vCISO advisor, your organization can ensure that it is taking a proactive approach to security and is better prepared to prevent and respond to security incidents.

vCISO Benefits

vCISO Benefits


Our vCISO partnership includes:

  • Providing actionable insights on risk, governance, incident response and continuity planning
  • Assisting with and providing advice on developing, documenting, applying, and managing a comprehensive security strategy that addresses all areas of risk
  • Facilitating risk assessments
  • Reviewing compliance with applicable regulations, standards and frameworks
  • Helping to select cybersecurity tools and technologies, and promoting smart vendor risk management strategies
  • Supporting cybersecurity awareness training programs development and maturity



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