BNN Hosts Data Management Breakfast

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Baker Newman Noyes hosted its first data management breakfast event on June 5 at the Regency Hotel in downtown Portland, Maine. Steven Webb, along with guest speakers Jennifer Peary, of Information Builders, and Jamie Jackson, of Arkatechture, presented to a group of over 50 attendees on the importance of data management in today’s increasingly digital world. With governance, data architecture, and data storage and retrieval all falling under the definition of data management, the presenters covered the following topics:

  • First-hand data management success stories and case studies
  • How to get a better handle on data and what that means for a business’s success
  • The various approaches to addressing data problems
  • How to best utilize partners and third-party experts during a digital transformation
  • What tools and technologies can help and how to use them to convert data into useful information

The presentation provided the attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to make their data business-ready and in turn make fully-informed business decisions based on their data. If you are looking to learn more about data management or have any questions regarding how it could help your business, contact Patrick Morin or Ilona Davis at 800.244.7444.