Coronavirus Readiness at Baker Newman Noyes

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Greetings from Baker Newman Noyes,

At BNN the welfare of our clients and our employees is of the greatest importance. Given the recent coronavirus outbreak I thought I would take this opportunity to communicate the actions BNN is taking to protect you and us to every extent possible.

Let me start by saying that nobody in the BNN family has reported any symptoms connected with the coronavirus, and to date there have been no reported cases in any of the buildings we occupy. With so much left unknown about this virus we are closely monitoring events globally, nationally, and in our own backyard. Inside BNN we are following the recommended precautions suggested by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Should an outbreak occur in any of the communities where we live, work and play we will be ready to continue delivering the high quality service you have come to expect and appreciate. We will accomplish this, in part, by using the following approach:

  • BNN has invested in technology that allows every professional to work remotely, from home if necessary, with virtually all the same access and capabilities that we would have if we were in a BNN office.
  • We have designed flexible work arrangements to meet almost every need, and we partner with our employees to find the version that works best for them. When paired with our technology this flexibility allows our teams to be their best wherever we are working that day.
  • To protect our work environment we have made hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and tissues available to every employee.
  • Any BNN associate feeling sick, or showing symptoms connected with any illness have been asked to stay home and contact their doctor immediately. Should anybody in the BNN family need to stay home we communicate with them until they are symptom free and can return to normal activities.
  • BNN has invested in virtual meeting technology. If you prefer a virtual meeting rather than an in-person meeting, please contact your BNN representative who can easily arrange a virtual meeting that you can attend via your home computer or smart phone.
  • Likewise, we respectfully ask that if you or anyone in your immediate surroundings is showing symptoms of any illness that you contact us before the meeting to determine if a virtual meeting would be in the best interest of everyone involved.
  • Travel is assessed on an as needed basis.

As developments surrounding the coronavirus continue to progress we will remain vigilant, and we will put additional safeguards in place as warranted. If circumstances beyond our control momentarily impact our ability to meet the high standards we expect of ourselves and you expect of us, please be patient with us.

Thank you for continuing to place your trust in Baker Newman Noyes.