Joan Smith, CPA

Professional Spotlight

Client Testimonial

"Joan is friendly, engaging, and absolutely fun to work with. She has a knack for taking different tax issues and simplifying them by thinking beyond our questions to determine what impact the subject matter might have on our business. She’s very good at preparing our taxes on time, even when we run behind in getting our information to her. We truly appreciate that.

When we decided to become a Subchapter S Corporation, Joan was proactive in pointing out all the benefits as well as explaining how the process is different from being a C Corporation.  She walked us through requirements so there would be no surprises along the way.

She’s adaptable and flexible and takes the time to understand the business.  When she makes recommendations she takes into account the complexity of the business, not just how the business works, but also the culture of our company. That’s critical for the business. Fun to work with, bright and knowledgeable and able to deal with complex tax issues. She is amazing and absolutely the best."

~ Chief Executive Officer of a Major Consumer Goods Company

The family of companies I work for is frequently changing, so Joan’s guidance is very important to us.  As we change—buying, selling or altering existing companies— with Joan’s guidance and input in drafting the operating agreements and making other strategic business decisions has been crucial.

Joan is very adaptable, giving us the best guidance available within her firm to help us in our decision-making process.  Once when we had some HR questions, she acknowledged she wasn’t the expert in that particular area of our business and sent us to the HR expert in her firm.  And, like Joan, that expert gave us very valuable advice that exceeded our expectations.

Especially valuable to us are her interpersonal skills.  She goes out of her way to keep in touch.  Her responsiveness is unsurpassed. If she cannot talk when I call, she gives me a later time when she’ll call me back. I can’t recall a time when she didn’t respond to my request within the same day.  One morning I called her while she was at a tax seminar and she e-mailed me to let me know where she was and that she would get back to me shortly. And she did, as promised.  She goes the extra step, every time, without exception. She’s a caring person. Her responsiveness is very much appreciated by all of us who work with her because, in a busy environment, it is important, and unique.

~ Chief Financial Officer of an Aviation Business