Jeff Skaggs, CPA

Professional Spotlight

Client Testimonial

“Jeff Skaggs has been my go-to person for 20 years.  After that length of time, everything blends in.  It’s been a good, long relationship.  He understands my industry and my business and he treats the staff with the same level of respect and information he provides to me. 

He is always the ultimate professional, providing good advice and gently but firmly brings me back to specific points we need to address. For example, our industry is continually changing and Jeff is quick to bring changes in accounting rules and regulations to my staff and me, giving us time to adapt. Sometimes we pull him in on special projects.

Because the work we do is very time-bound, with a starting point and a finishing point it’s so vital that to us that Jeff is also reachable. When I need him it’s because I’m at a stopping point and in need of advice so I can move forward.  He’s very knowledgeable, always professional and helps us meet our schedules. He doesn’t let us fail and he’s never late. Jeff makes us look good by keeping us informed and that has a tremendous amount of value to us.” 

~ Executive Vice President of a Major Maine Bank