System Implementation, Governance, and Process Project Management for a Print Manufacturer

System Implementation, Governance, and Process Project Management for a Print Manufacturer

Challenge: The Client grew through acquisition, with multiple warehouse locations operating on various systems with different processes; management is not able to generate key critical information it needs to run the business.

Solution: Project management of a system implementation that included streamlining processes, allowing the ability to report on financial and operational data and moving the company onto a new technology focused platform.


The client had experienced growth through a series of acquisitions, but had not streamlined or integrated processes from an operational or financial perspective. The client also had a sophisticated client base with “big” names that they were servicing in a multitude of ways, yet were not able to report on critical financial information internally to determine project costs, profitability or forecasts.

As a result of growth through acquisition, operating differently amongst the physical warehouses and a lack of required knowledge amongst the management team due to not having necessary information, there were higher administrative costs and issues with generating timely monthly billings. This resulted in issues with cash flow and anxiety amongst the company management and private equity firm owners.

The CEO knew that a new technology focus was needed and brought BNN in to project manage the system implementation of an Enterprise Risk Planning (ERP) system geared towards the printing industry. Our team assisted with myriad aspects of this engagement throughout our two year involvement that can be categorized in the three areas below:

  1. Governance
    1. Status Reporting to Board of Directors and other stakeholders
    2. Company culture assimilation to changes
    3. Organizational structure assistance
    4. Governance issues
  2. Process
    1. Process map development including pain point identification
    2. Project management and rollout schedule
    3. Process streamlining
    4. Policy and procedure oversight
    5. Accounting and financial issue mitigation
  3. Technology
    1. ERP vendor management and coordination
    2. Assistance with layout of implementation by phases
    3. Reporting needs identification
    4. User training assistance

The System was ultimately implemented in phases due to the complexities associated with the overall initiative. The project yielded significant benefits to the client.

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Lead Contacts

Patrick Morin


Pat began at Baker Newman Noyes in 1995 when the firm was founded, having previously been with one of our predecessor organizations since 1988. Pat is a principal of the firm and the director of the risk and business advisory practice.

Ilona Davis


Ilona has more than twelve years of experience leading and coordinating the daily efforts for audit and consulting projects across numerous industries. She has provided a wide range of advisory services, including regulatory compliance and controls, IT and business risk management, service organization examinations including SOC examinations, IT strategy, system selection, IT security, IT audit, and business process improvement.