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Mortgage Interest: What’s Deductible Now and Should I Refinance?


Happy New Year, happy new tax law! On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) into law. The final bill is very lengthy, and contains numerous changes affecting individuals. Among these changes are new limits on certain itemized deductions, such as state and local taxes and home mortgage interest. This article focuses on the changes to the mortgage interest deduction.

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International Tax Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) recently passed by Congress and the President represents a true game changer for U.S. corporations, foreign corporations doing business in the U.S., and individuals and pass through entities with international investments and transactions. This article highlights international tax implications of the new law.

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How Compensation and Benefits are Changed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


The following is a summary of some of the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that have the most significant impact on compensation and employee benefits. Please note that this is not intended to provide a comprehensive summary of all of the provisions of the Act that affect compensation and benefits.

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Peter Chandler Interviewed on WGME

Peter Chandler was recently interviewed by WGME Channel 13 about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Click here to watch the full interview.