BNN Research Report: Implementing the Current Expected Credit Loss Standard

December 2018

Earlier this fall we reached out to CEOs, CFOs, CECL committee members, controllers, and others that are involved in CECL implementation and asked them about the challenges and questions they have.

We received responses from institutions across New England and some preliminary results are below. The survey remains open and we will continue to collect responses to include in our full report in the spring of 2019.

75% of respondents were at the VP level or above. Additionally, all respondents were non-SEC filers and all but one was a non-public business entity. Here is a summary of some of the questions in the survey and what we’ve learned so far:

How important do you think CECL implementation is for the future of your bank?

  • 31% think implementation is very important. No one thought it was not at all important.

What is your current status for implementation of CECL? Do you feel on track with your CECL implementation?

What is your biggest challenge related to CECL?

  • 50% think “lack of clarity of what needs to be done” is the biggest challenge. Interestingly, 50% of the institutions who said they were on track with CECL implementation also said they struggle with lack of clarity of what needs to be done.

What are your biggest questions related to CECL?

  • There were many responses but some of the common themes were: (1) regulatory guidance, including clarity on choosing and measuring “reasonable and supportable forecasts;” (2) impact on earnings and capital, including how the one-time adjustment to capital will look; (3) appropriate segment sizes and methodologies; (4) steps for actually getting started and the level of complexity of a system that will be needed; and (5) resources that will be required to maintain data.

As we continue to move through the various stages of implementation, our survey will remain open and we’d love to hear from your institution. As stated above, we will continue to accept responses and monitor the data, and will share our full results in a special alert in the spring of 2019. We encourage you and others at your institution to participate so we can continue to learn from real-world examples and share our advice and best practices with you. Click here to access the survey.

The professionals in BNN’s financial institutions practice are dedicated to remaining current with the regulatory and accounting trends impacting our clients, and to keeping our clients informed of those trends and how they might impact their businesses. Should you have questions about CECL or the implementation systems and procedures in preparation for it, please contact your BNN advisor at 1.800.244.7444. You can also learn more about our dedicated CECL Task Force here.

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