Peer Group Facilitation and Management of Compliancy Project for a Group of Maine Hospitals

Peer Group Facilitation and Management of Compliancy Project for a Peer Group of Maine Hospitals

Challenge: A peer group of six hospitals needs to become compliant given a new government standard for the healthcare industry.

Solution: Project management to assist all hospitals in creating and implementing a detailed project plan to become compliant from a governance, organizational and IT perspective. The goal is to have the hospitals work together and learn from one another and to save costs by participating in this peer group.


As individual facilities, each hospital did not have the means or resources to achieve compliance in the time frame allotted. Our team facilitated the development of a consortium of six hospitals that we brought together to assist with the overall effort, but most importantly, for each of the hospitals to learn from one another and assist each other.

The set-up of the engagement included BNN project management, led by a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), who held the entire group accountable to a detailed group project plan that included tasks, priorities, responsible parties and timelines. We met weekly as a group to discuss what was working, what wasn’t working and how each hospital was progressing, and called upon each hospital for various examples that the group could benefit from. Each hospital had something to offer that the others learned from. We were the vehicle to bring this collaboration to light and ensure the knowledge was shared.

While we addressed the project from a group perspective for education and network purposes, our team simultaneously worked with each hospital individually and created a stand-alone project plan that was specific to each hospital’s needs, culture, employees, competing projects, detailed tasks by high-level area and budget. This was a critical aspect of the engagement, as each hospital was progressing at their own pace. We had to make sure we were leading their priorities accordingly.

This engagement ended up being very effective as we accomplished what was needed with each hospital individually to meet their goals; however, the differentiator was that we led a consortium of peers (and sometimes competitors) that were able to work with and learn from one another. They were able to retain valuable relationships and practices as a result of this set-up.

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Lead Contacts

Patrick Morin


Pat began at Baker Newman Noyes in 1995 when the firm was founded, having previously been with one of our predecessor organizations since 1988. Pat is a principal of the firm and the director of the risk and business advisory practice.

Ilona Davis


Ilona has more than twelve years of experience leading and coordinating the daily efforts for audit and consulting projects across numerous industries. She has provided a wide range of advisory services, including regulatory compliance and controls, IT and business risk management, service organization examinations including SOC examinations, IT strategy, system selection, IT security, IT audit, and business process improvement.