Jeff Wheeler, CPA

Professional Spotlight

Client Testimonial

“We’ve worked with Jeff for over ten years now and certainly have put him through the test of complex reporting challenges due to our company’s industry segment. Occasionally, when our viewpoints differ on a unique issue, he’s willing to dig deep into it with his team to get it right. It is evident he believes in quality service and always maintains the highest level of integrity and professional standards. Whenever possible, he advises us toward a solution or recommends a contact that may help propel us forward.”

~ Chief Financial Officer of an Aviation & Aerospace Company

“I am so comfortable in just picking up the phone and using Jeff as a sounding board.  He’s very open and it’s always a thoughtful conversation and a great call. We have great trust and there is a professional rapport and respect between us.

I can always trust him to take a very objective and impartial position without being influenced or mired in the context. Jeff is a very good sounding board and has a thoughtful and informative reaction to my questions, offering me another perspective. That is invaluable.

Jeff is a quality public accounting professional and has helped me meet my goals. I value our professional relationship greatly.”

~ Chief Financial Officer of a Licensing Company