Andy Smith, CPA

Professional Spotlight

Client Testimonial

“Andy is really easy to talk with and he communicates very well. We have an ongoing conversation throughout the year. He’s very knowledgeable and great at finding the most efficient way to do things tax-wise and that is very valuable to us. His personality is very easygoing as our tax professional. He’s good at it. If something challenging comes up, he researches the issues and then comes back to us with, ‘Okay.  This is how we’re going to deal with it.’

We have a mitigation project involving a piece of land we gifted to a town. Andy worked with us and some other consultants to maximize the tax benefits of that deal. That was terrific. Then we were audited by the IRS. It took several years of going through the appeals and the whole process, but in the end, Andy won the argument with the IRS arbitrator and we were able to keep the entire write-off with 100% credit. Thanks to Andy Smith and his hard work.  He did an excellent job for us on that.

Andy helps us meet our goals by working with us to make sure we’re doing things in a tax efficient manner. He helps us plan ahead with strategies to handle what might challenge us later. As our tax accountant Andy’s a good part of our team. We’ve worked with him well over a decade now. His easy-going personality coupled with his accumulated knowledge makes working with him very enjoyable.“

~ Chief Financial Officer of a Premier Construction Company